Interestingly, advertising in today’s world has gone through many changes in techniques and styles of promotion. Today brand owners have gamuts of advertising mediums to choose from. Besides, new means and technologies have also been introduced in advertising field. One of the interesting observations in contemporary ad promotions is a mutual alliance of advertising mediums. Outdoor Advertising, for example, has been implemented to promote an online business and vice versa. It is not surprising to find a big billboard ad at the traffic point about an online business. Does this norm of promotion insinuate how one advertising medium is not enough for a business? Or does it define the new age trends of promoting the product among customers? The following paragraphs explain a bit of it.

The mushrooming numbers of brands in the market account for one factor why advertisers are prompted to come up with new means or measures of promotion. In the last few years itself, many brands have been introduced in the market that simultaneously increases the need for more means of promotion. Secondly, the changing lifestyle of customers calls the attention of advertisers to re-study the mediums of brand communication. In order to avoid wasted brand messages, advertisers have redefined the tactics of launching an advertising campaign. For example, outdoor advertising mediums have been widely used to promote businesses of all types ranging from real estate companies to lifestyle products and even online business and the types of services they provide. Advertisers want to ensure that customers avail of the brand message through as many mediums of communications as possible. Technological induction has made it possible for modern advertisers to come up with innovative brand messages that easily lure customers’ attention. For example, in terms of outdoor advertising tools, digital billboards, electronic kiosks, LCD/LED displays etc. create a posh impression about the advertised products or services on customers’ minds.


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